Hey LuLaRoe Lovers!

I have caught my second cold of the season! It started Wednesday night, I barely made it through Thursday because my head was splitting, my throat was burning and the clock was crawling to 3pm.  I took off Friday and basically slept all day!  I’ve been in bed all weekend and haven’t even been on my phone.  I’ve been living on soup, tea with lemon and honey and water.  Today is the first day I figured if I could do anything I would try to get my website going since I’m not as achy and rundown as the previous days.  I live on Airborne and have felt great besides the fact that I never get enough sleep, but that is not anything new.  If I can get 6.5-7 hours a night I feel like I am lucky.  I just am so busy with such a varied schedule substituting, fitting in my LuLaRoe time, Tax season (yuck), there just is not enough daylight hours in my day!

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